Chances are, if you are on this page you are interested in hiring a photographer – maybe to capture the first precious months of your newborn’s life, to celebrate the birthday of your child, or maybe you just want to preserve a moment in the life of your family for future generations.
Many people are nervous about hiring a photographer. Folklore suggests that photographs steal forever a part of your soul. I choose to believe that photographs preserve a part of your soul – as we are constantly changing, growing and evolving, a photograph helps to preserve you, your hopes and dreams, fears and insecurities at that moment in time, forever. Photographs are physical memories. Letting a person, a stranger, access this aspect of yourself can be a scary concept. I feel that to establish the proper photographer/subject relationship, introductions should first be made. So, without further ado, I would like to introduce myself, my family, and my soul to you – as I hope you will someday introduce yourself to me.
My name is Pamela . I was born and raised on Bell Island, Newfoundland, and I currently reside in Torbay. I was blessed with two wonderful parents, who encouraged me to follow my dreams, and I have amazing sisters who have in turn given me a truckload of very entertaining and beloved nieces and nephews. Considering that I also have some pretty amazing friends, I felt that I really couldn’t ask for any better. Then, I was blessed with my own beautiful little family – Blaine, and our daughter (my muse) Julia.
Photography wasn’t always a passion of mine. However, shopping was (and is). I can’t confess to always having had a passion for photography, but I have always loved buying cameras. I have also always considered myself creative, and there are many times when encountering a craft, a particular hairstyle, or a painting when I thought to myself, “I could create that.” So, when Julia was born I dusted off my old camera with the intention of finding beautiful and creative ways to capture the first moments of her life. I was pleased with my efforts, and in an attempt to improve on my early attempts I bought my first DSLR camera, a few props, and got to work. 3 cameras later, I have finally found one that I am happy with (despite the fact that I am still learning how to use it) and I seem to have found my niche in the photography world. Only recently have I felt that it is appropriate to call myself a photographer - I still work full time as a Medical Secretary - and I feel that I am learning and growing with each photo shoot that I do. I have discovered that I do truly love being able to help others capture on film moments to treasure forever.
I hope that you can enjoy, and follow my work. If you have any questions, or would like to discuss booking an appointment for your own photo shoot please contact me at [email protected].
I look forward to meeting you.